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We Are All Faceless Entities in The World, Sooner or Later

download (13)Man is a social animal. Is he scared of loneliness? A social get-together is no cure for loneliness. We often feel lonely in a crowd. We are all faceless entities, after death. Even God is faceless. Within a family, we may know the names of our grandparents, but most of us don’t know the names of our great-grandparents. Millions of Kings have reigned all over the earth, since evolution of man-kind. Who remembers them? They all are faceless entities. Socializing within humanity implies interaction between two imperfect persons. It is vulnerable to ego clashes, separations, divorces, and frequent changes. Socializing with God is more fruitful, as He will always hold our hand, under all circumstances.

Faceless social entities

Man is a social animal.

He is a scared animal, as a lonely person.

Is a social person, less lonely?

Loneliness is an intangible feeling.

A social person is often lonely in a social get-together.

A not-so-social person, if alone, is self-reliant and less lonely.

The issue is not: whether a person is social or unsocial.

It is – whether a person is lonely or not lonely!

Notwithstanding the above,

We are all faceless entities, sooner or later.

Time is a big bulldozer which obliterates all: pleasant and unpleasant memories in the mind of a person,

And the person!

In death, he is: just a name with faceless entity, or just forgotten.


There must have been millions of VIPs, and Kings till date.

Where are they?

Who remembers them?

They are all – just a name with faceless entity

Nobody is indispensable

The bigwigs, and respected names of past,

Who were indispensable, in their times,

The World worried – ‘After Him Who’!

The World has moved on.

Soon they may exist in school text books only, at the mercy of political bosses.

We all, step into oblivion

Do you remember the name of your grandfather?

Likely answer is yes.

Do you remember the name of your great-grandfather?

Likely answer – no!

As we try to remember earlier generations,

They are all faceless entities, even if there is a name and a picture.

To remember the great-grandfathers and earlier generations, feudal lords and Kings relied upon oil-paintings.

Commoners could not afford the luxury.

A family example

In my family, I didn’t see my paternal grandfather.

I have vivid memories of my maternal grandfather.

But my children have no idea about them.

They ignore my story-telling about them, as irrelevant.

My grandson has seen my father and mother, when he was 2 years old.

In the near future, he is not likely to meet my father, his great-grandfather who is 93 years.

I am the link between the two, who knows all the 4 generations intimately: my parents, me and my wife, my children and my grandchildren.

Why should a great-grandfather share life with his great-grandchildren?

It is an emotional family bondage, to the elderly, but not to the grandchildren or great-grandchildren, when they are in their youth.

Grandparents existence doesn’t matter in any way to the grandchildren or great-grandchildren.

They hardly share life, and even any meaningful communication.

There is a superficial one-sided family relationship, which lingers in the minds of grandparents.

Marriage and families

God didn’t create families.

He gave an upper edge to humanity, over animal kingdom – an ability to think logically.

Families, and marriage are creative ideas of human civilization.

That the ideas are boon or bane, is debatable.

Animals don’t marry, so there are no divorces.

There are no long-term relations as a father or a son, among animals.

Animals never have: heart problems, diabetes, or high or low BP.

Animals don’t indulge in World Wars, over control of markets and colonial rules.

They kill to satisfy the hunger, as a God-ordained instinct.

They don’t create Auschwitz.

Socialize with God

A friendship with God, is always unconditional.

There is never a divorce, with Him.

Even atheists, seek Him, sometime or other in their lives, albeit secretly.

He is always considerate, unlike human beings.

He always forgives, and gives another chance even to hardened criminals.

If only, humanity could learn to forget and forgive!

If you have faith in God, you will never be lonely.

God never leaves you for other social circles, like human beings,

Who feel uncomfortable due to excessive familiarity, after couple of years,

And seek fresh friends and sometimes, even a new spouse.

Life is a struggle to win over loneliness.

We make friends, and change friends; marry, and divorce to marry again.

There is a life long battle to win loneliness.

We are all imperfect, and seek a solution by associating with another imperfect.

Try socializing with God, who alone is a perfect entity.

You will never be lonely, there after.


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